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Results may vary. Course contents may change and not everyone wins.  But the winners indeed win!

Other Winners' Live Audio Testimonials:

Listen to Brett! He won his StarBiz!

  Listen to this...


●  "Well, I had to quit my full time job in order to handle all of the STARSCAPES® business I'm getting!  I'm doing 5 - 7 jobs a week, and my pricing is $199 + $5 - $8 a square foot.  It's about $1,200 a room."  Rodney Robertson S.A.I.



Judith won her StarBiz!

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"I just did the three bedrooms in a home in one hour and 45 minutes. I made $1,200!"  John Gates S.A.I.



Kevin won it too!

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"Might be seeing you soon! I'm on the way to Phoenix Arizona after painting a $5,600.00 3 bedroom job in Las Vegas!!!" Akeem Woods S.A.I.


Rhonda won her StarBiz too!

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"We did our first paying job for $1,500 and we're excited!  When the lights were turned out, somebody was making noise with their feet; I asked the customer, "Is that you or your daughter"?  He said "It's me!"  The man was kicking his feet like a little girl, he was so happy!  He's bringing all his friends over to see it, when we come back this week!"  Doug & Lisa Metz, S.A.I.


Greg's a winner!

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And here's his first job!

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"A hotel wants me to do 160 rooms...!"
Pite Mogoje, S.AI.


Is Shanna excited?

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"You'll Never Have More Fun Doing Anything Else!"
Joseph Petrashek S.A.I.

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